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UP Mobile Sound

Welcome to UP Mobile Sound!

UP Mobile Sound is the only Upper Michigan DJ connection that you will ever need. Whether it's wedding's, private parties, or your a bar or club owner wanting to bring in more business, we have what you need for the right price.

Let's get straight to the point.  You need a DJ.  You want a reputable company.  You don't want to pay outrageous prices.  Good, you found the right place.  Most companies will not show their prices online.  Why?  They want you to call them because it's harder to say no to a person than a website.  Our prices are posted on this site.   Our prices
You can also talk with the DJ's before the show.  We encourage to meet with our clients a month before any show.  We don't want any mistakes at your wedding, reunion, or even just a fun private party.  Check out the DJ's here   Meet the DJ's.  
We are a reputable company, we even provide a direct link to the Better Business Bureau on our website. 
If you would like to book a show, e-mail us now!!

School Dance Specials !!!!!
Does your school dance need a DJ??  We're fun, interactive and play all the coolest remixes (edited versions of course).  We understand school dances are usually only 3 hours, so we'll cut you a break and charge a flat fee of $200.00 for a 3 hour school dance.  We want your repeat business!!!!  Try beating that price anywhere.


Check out our prices!!!!    Our Services

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Bar and Club Owners!!!!!
You want a DJ that will bring you business, you want a karaoke show that also supports dance requests.  Trust me, you want Karaoke.  Anytime the speakers are turned on, and no music is being played, you have "Dead Air".  This is bad in a bar or club, even during karaoke.  I can show you in one show how to increase business even if you already have a KJ.  I adopted this concept in Little Rock, AR and have played using it in 40,000 sq ft clubs.  Now every KJ in Arkansas is using my theory.  Even if you still have the same customer volume from yesterdays show with someone else, to tomorrow's show with us, they will spend more, and stay longer.  Let us prove it to you.  We have special offers for clubs and bars, especially if we do multiple shows each week, and can set up our gear to stay in the facility.  Call or e-mail today.

Please get in touch to offer comments and join our mailing list for sales and specials!

You can e-mail us at:

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UP Mobile Sound   112 Savage   Gwinn, MI   49841