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Deer Camp 2001

What a rough year this was.  We could only shoot bucks with three or more points on one side, per a new local hunting regulation, making bagging a buck even tougher.

Members Present:  TK, Len, TK Jr, Larry, Uncle Larry, Jay, Wally, Mikey, Philip
Members w/ succesful hunt:  Larry shot a doe with his doe tag the LAST day of hunting.  Deer were scarce and not moving due to warm weather.  We can't wait until 2002!!!!


Deer Camp Photo 2001


Eric is the orange hunters headwear sitting on the table.


Camp Photo 2001


Fun Memory:  Carrying around a fake Eric doll everywhere we went.  Eric was deployed overseas when Sep 11th happened.  He was unable to be here, but we brought him (the Eric Doll, consisting of a football for his broken nose, and his camo orange hunters hat) everywhere!!