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Sleepy Hollow Deer Camp

Pic's of the Bunkhouse

The bunkhouse was built in the summer of 2001, And we had a great time.  Sleepy Hollow Deer Camp has expanded with several hunters, and we needed more room.  The bunkhouse is used mainly for sleeping, but us guy's outside really know how to party anyways.  All our lighting is 110v, run from the propane generator.  Our heat is provided by a wood stove, and we have a small living area to gather and talk about the day's hunt, and what were going to do tomorrow.   This is very cozy, and we are all pleased with our sleeping arrangements.  There is only four topics ever brought up out here.  Hunting, Women, Beer and finally, Hunting Women that have Beer. 

Thanks For Visiting!!

The Bunks


The Living Area


The Wood Stove