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Sleepy Hollow Deer Camp
Main Camp

Pics of our Main Camp

This is our Main Camp.  Main Camp is used for several things.  First off, it is where the Wagon Master and the Buck Master reside.  It is also where we cook all our meals.  Man, can we eat.  We use the sauna in this facility to heat the camp, as well as for ourselves to clean up, etc.  When it's really cold (A U.P. winter can do that), we have an additional wood stove in the Living area.  The lights are all propane lanterns, fed by a massive propane tank 200 yards from the camp, with the exception of 2 lights.  1 Light is 110v, and is powered by the propane generator.  The other is 12v, and is powered by a solar recharging battery within the camp.  Even if we were to run out of propane, we would still have light, and most definitely heat.  Not bad for a bunch of Yoopers, Eh!!



Living Area


The Sauna!!!


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